Specialty Programs


Pain Management

The Cottage’s pain management program provides a treatment plan that will facilitate a more productive and reduced pain lifestyle for those living with acute and chronic pain. Pain management services include:

  • Independent comprehensive evaluation
  • Medical evaluation
  • Rehabilitative evaluation

Post Surgical Recovery

Depending upon your type of surgery, The Cottage’s team of rehabilitation specialists will create a recovery program to meet your specific and changing needs. Pain and wound care programs are utilized to make your stay more comfortable as you recover from surgery. The Vacuum Assisted Closure (Wound VAC treatment) clinical therapy dramatically reduces healing time for chronic wounds while significantly reducing pain.

Pulmonary Care

The Cottage’s pulmonary care program assesses and treats patients with acute and chronic lung disorders. Our staff team supports and motivates patients to become healthy through lifestyle changes, therapy education, medication, physical rehabilitation and pulmonary exercise. We treat several acute and chronic lung disorders including:

  • Bronchitis
  • Emphysema
  • Asthma

Stroke Recovery

The stroke recovery rehabilitation program at The Cottages encompasses several treatment techniques including exercise, muscle training, speech therapy, occupational therapy and swallowing exercises. We also focus on the emotional state of patients because depression is common following a stroke.

Wound Care

The wound care therapy services at The Cottages utilize the Vacuum Assisted Closure or V.A.C. clinical therapy procedure, which dramatically reduces healing time for chronic wounds of geriatric and rehab patients. Our long-term intravenous therapy and respiratory therapy programs also help to aggressively treat infection and disease.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation provides residents with a variety of cognitive, physical and social pursuits to enhance health, recovery, functional abilities and quality of life. Programs are organized into individual, small and large group activities to meet the needs and interests of all residents. All activities are used to create meaningful and purposeful engagement.